Case Studies

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  1. Cyclonaire’s CB-Series Blend-Veyor was Featured in the September 2013 Issue of Powder Bulk Engineering Magazine! Check out the full article!
  2. Ellwood Quality Steels
    Richard Schochet, Engineering Manager for EQS was asked to identify and select proven equipment to handle and deliver the dolomitic lime
  3. Goodyear Tire and Rubber
    To achieve projected benchmarks, Goodyear determined that they needed to reduce both rubber mix cycle times and unacceptable mixer batches in order to boost production
  4. Lapp Insulators
    Lapp was looking for a system that provided constant, consistent recycling in order to keep the manufacturing line running efficiently
  5. Olivenhain Dam Construction Site
    Cyclonaire Turbo-Inductor System Speeds Olivenhain Dam Construction
  6. Osmose, Inc.
    Osmose was looking for a more efficient way to automate their process of mixing and rebagging sodium fluoride
  7. Overland Ready Mix
    Cyclonaire VibraPad™ Aerators Fix Concrete Flow Problems