Cyclonaire wins the 2017 Nebraska Developing Youth Talent Initiative Grant

Posted June 28, 2017

As a young engineer about to graduate from the University of Nebraska Lincoln, Scott Schmid was ready to leave the state. But then he discovered well-paying career opportunities in his hometown of York, Nebraska. Now, he’s CEO of Cyclonaire.

As a 2017 Nebraska Developing Youth Talent Initiative grant winner Cyclonaire will be working closely with York Public Schools to inform students, much like Schmid, interested in pursuing careers in manufacturing and IT of career opportunities right in their hometown.

The Nebraska Developing Youth Talent Initiative was started by Gov. Pete Ricketts in 2015 to foster partnerships between public schools and companies to promote hands-on career opportunities for students in 7th and 8th grade.

Cyclonaire is proud to be one of three Nebraska companies alongside Aulick Industries of Scottsbluff and Becton Dickinson of Broken Bow to partner with public schools to introduce and excite the next generation of workers.

The program will begin in the upcoming school year, and will provide York Middle School students with hands-on opportunities in manufacturing design and production concepts. Next to parental influence, hands-on experience largely determines a child’s career path. And with manufacturing the second-largest industry in Nebraska behind agriculture, there are many job opportunities waiting.

The program is intended to spark interest in students who are unaware of local, let alone any career opportunities in the manufacturing and IT career fields.

Through the help of the grant, Cyclonaire can increase the next wave of workers with Midwestern roots and provide them with quality opportunities right here at home.

Read the press release here.


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