Will you reach your desired convey rate? One of the reasons Cyclonaire is so successful is because we can answer this question for you. Material_Testing_FacilityOur company has more than 50 years of experience designing, engineering and manufacturing pneumatic conveying systems for plants and facilities throughout a wide range of industries.

Throughout our years of service, we have tested and analyzed a multitude of materials in our material testing facility to determine the maximum convey rate of your material.

You can learn more about our CycloTech Technology Demonstration and System Proving Facility in our new guide, The Benefits of Material Testing with Cyclonaire.

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State-of-the-Art Material Testing Facility

The Cyclonaire CycloTech Technology Demonstration and System Proving Facility—also known as our “material testing facility”—is a large factor in what makes Cyclonaire able to provide advanced and reliable pneumatic systems in a wide range of industries. Our guide walks you through exactly what to look for when testing materials and all the steps to carry out in your processes.

Before Cyclonaire installs a new pneumatic system at your facility, we consider numerous factors to help you move your dry bulk goods. These include the characteristics of your material, such as the particle size, abrasiveness, moisture content, cohesiveness, friability, static charge, and toxicity.

In our material testing facility, we thoroughly examine how your materials will work in almost every scenario possible within the confines of your plant or facility. Through meticulous and exhaustive trial and error, we foresee any issues well ahead of installation in order to save you errors in real situations, which can be far more disastrous in the field.

Customized Consultation for Your Project

Material-Testing-Facility-CoverCyclonaire’s material testing facility is essential in helping us deliver to you the exact solution for your facility. The facility lets us assess several important factors related to conveying, including vacuum, pressure, or any vacuum-pressure combination. Through real-time data capture and reporting, our CycloTech material testing facility allows us to design the equipment that you need along with the correct protocols to ensure safe and cost-effective handling of your materials.

Download our eBook today to learn more about the capabilities and advantages of testing materials in a controlled environment.

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