The railroad industry is experiencing new life with increased ridership on passenger lines and increased use of freight lines. CaptureThe energy boom has improved rail traffic significantly as tanker cars transport recovered gas and oil across the country and deliver needed materials to drill sites.

Railroad sanding is a vital component to safe and efficient operation of all rail applications—and railway operators understand the importance of sanding procedures and equipment. Sanding gives the locomotive traction to start moving or slow down, accelerate or decelerate.

An Early Railroad Adoption

What exactly is railroad sanding? From the early days of the railroads, sand was used as a material to increase the adhesion of the wheels to the rail for smooth acceleration and efficient braking. Operators realized early on that rails become slippery when exposed to lubricants, water, ice, or vegetation and sand deposited while the train is in motion improves traction.

Trains today are still equipped with sand boxes that dispense sand onto the rails. Replenishing these sanding systems has evolved into higher performance, safer conditions and increased efficiency and convenience.

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Cyclonaire Significance of Railroad Sanding ebookOur new eBook, The Significance of Railroad Sanding, gives an in-depth look at the importance of railroad sanding, how rail sanding has changed over the years, and how new, innovative sand filling systems are improving safety and efficiency in the modern rail yard.

This resource explains the sand filling systems that are available today for the safest and most efficient use of rail yard space and methods, as well as:
• The evolution of sand replenishment systems
• The American rail network
• Rail yard operations
• Safe, efficient, and reliable sand filling systems

Rail sanding applications include light-rail passenger trams, high-speed mainlines, remote branch lines, and in-yard service tracks. Our rail sanding equipment is state-of-the-art and features the latest technologies to maintain any type of rail class.

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