Bulk Bag Unloaders Enhance Material Handling Efficiency

September 29, 2015

Each day, industrial plant and facility managers have to make critical decisions that impact their daily operations. Before these decisions can be made, there are several factors to consider: employee safety, cost-efficiency, and overall productivity. For these industry professionals, one of the biggest challenges is finding a solution that streamlines operations while minimizing any risks […]

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Announcing New Account Manager, Mike May

August 27, 2015

Cyclonaire is pleased to announce that Mike May has accepted a position as our account manager for the battery industry.   In his new position, Mike will be responsible for new business development and managing sales in the lead acid and lithium ion battery industry. Mike has 20 years of experience in air and material handling and has overseen thousands of successful applications.  […]

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The Phases of Pneumatic Conveying: What Should You Consider?

August 19, 2015

Identifying the correct phase to be used in your pneumatic conveying system is crucial to successfully move your material. In order to narrow the choices down to a single phase, we need to assess your material’s characteristics. Material Considerations Particle Size & Shape has an enormous influence on the conveyance phase, since it determines the flowability […]

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