The prestigious bulk solids industry magazine highlights pneumatic conveying and dust collecting capabilities.

Cyclonaire is proud to be featured in the latest issue of Powder and Bulk Engineering magazine. The monthly publication is a technical authority in the bulk solids industry, providing hands-on, practical information for readers to use for processing and handling applications when handling dry bulk solids.

Focus on Cyclonaire

In addition to our pneumatic systems for dense phase, semi-dense phase, and dilute phase conveying, as well as our capabilities with automation installation, components, and parts, the magazine featured our materials testing facility.

This 5,000 square feet indoor facility allows us to inform our customers with everything they need to know before making the most informed decision on the best conveying equipment for their application and project.

Titled Test Center Finds Powder Conveying Solutions, the article discusses our work with one of our customers, Premier Magnesia, a company that processes numerous chemical compounds such as products made of magnesium hydroxide and magnesium oxide.

Premier Magnesia partnered with us to help them with their pneumatic conveying and dust collecting applications. Cyclonaire’s testing facility and engineering expertise allowed the company to test their materials and see which ones conveyed without degradation.

Cyclonaire was able to determine that one material would not work, and further reviewed and evaluated the conveying project. In the end, we determined a material from an outside supplier would complete the job best. At Cyclonaire, we’re far more interested in finding solutions than selling equipment.

The full article is available as a free PDF on Powder Bulk’s website. To discover how we at Cyclonaire can design and test equipment systems for your applications, learn about the services we provide today.

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