Osmose Utilities Services, Inc. was looking for a more efficient way to automate their process of mixing and rebagging sodium fluoride.

Osmose Utilities Services, Inc. is headquartered in Buffalo, NY, and serves as a worldwide supplier of penetration, preservative, and treating plant equipment for various wood products. Founded in 1934, Osmose maintains a high reputation for developing unique formulas and providing quality products.

The Problem

In the manufacture of Osmose’s wood preservative, sodium fluoride is one of several major ingredients. Osmose was looking for a more efficient way to automate their process of mixing and rebagging sodium fluoride. Previously, the material was fork-lifted in 50-80 lb. bags onto an elevator and sent up two floors. The bags were then transferred from the elevator and manually fed into the mixer. The process proved to be inefficient and a possible health hazard.

Cyclonaire’s Solution

Cyclonaire engineered a custom convey system for in-plant transfer including a bulk bag unload station; surge hopper; a dense phase, gravity filled pneumatic conveyor, a weigh hopper with load cells, and system controls.

The plant application at Osmose included a 60′ horizontal and 21′ vertical run. The distance and bends determined that pneumatic conveying was the best solution and the price provided by Cyclonaire brought them to the forefront of the competition. An additional issue was the inconsistency of the original raw material, which sometimes comes clumped from the suppliers. The new system would need to handle all material inconsistencies equally well.

DPG-B Series Conveyor

DPG-B Series Conveyor

Material is brought by forklift to the bulk bag unload station and gravity fed through the surge hopper to the DPG-3B. The surge hopper is sized at 20 cubic feet to provide storage to keep the operation continuous. From the surge hopper, the sodium fluoride is conveyed in a 2.5″ convey line up to the weigh hopper fitted with load cells, for distribution to the dual mixers and bagging stations. It conveys at a rate of 6,000 PPH.

The Advantages

Osmose Utilities Services, Inc. eliminated the ergonomic problems caused by manually lifting the sodium fluoride bags. It was able to increase production by 60-70% per year and by changing to bulk bags, the cost of material became much more economical. The system has been installed for six years and has operated with no significant downtime.

“Cyclonaire had excellent response to installation questions,” said Ed Paul, Osmose Plant Supervisor. “A call was all that was needed to provide the solution and the phone that was installed near the system hasn’t been used since.”