Our history of success and innovation has made us renowned for providing the most effective, successful solutions possible—and as a result, numerous industries depend on us for our services and products.

We have served industries and markets of all shapes and sizes, and unique needs specific to them. What they all have in common, regardless of industry, size, or specific challenges, is that they have come to find that Cyclonaire provides world-class solutions along with uncompromised service, all in the most cost-effective way. Our clients come to us with the toughest jobs, and we deliver solutions every time, bringing a passion for excellence to every job. In fact, our team welcomes these challenges and enjoys finding results, no matter how difficult.

Regardless of the industry or application, we take great pride in finding the most efficient solution to your application. If you have questions about how we can meet your unique needs, please feel free to contact us anytime.


A full range of automation products, from hardware to software is available to work alongside our pneumatic conveying products. This allows for the design and development of systems that require minimal attention and work on your behalf. Start/Stop sequences, pressure and vacuum management, alarm conditions and more can be programmed according to the individual needs of the application.

  • Automation makes things simple, just push start:
    • Little management required, allows employees to focus on other tasks
    • Automation is the “brains” of the operation
  • Automation software precisely gauges how much material is being used:
    • Allows for recipe control and history (i.e., do you need to add more material to your recipe?)
    • Helps to accurately gauge efficiency
    • Automated monitoring of material usage ensures you always know how much product is on hand.
  • Automation software tracks the performance of your system:
    • For example, how many cycles are you getting out of your machine before maintenance is required?
    • Software also helps to keep track of preventative and predictive maintenance schedules, which helps to eliminate the possibility of equipment failure, unplanned downtime and lost money.
  • Cyclonaire can access automation software remotely:
    • Have a problem? We can fix things remotely and respond to your issue faster.


Batteries are made up of materials including zinc, manganese, potassium and lead oxide, all of which are capable of being moved through Cyclonaire’s pneumatic systems.

Regardless of the volume or size of the batteries, we can provide equipment, engineering, and field services that meet your manufacturing needs.

Contact our Battery Account Manager, Mike May by email at MMay@cyclonaire.com or call 800.445.0730.

Cement & Concrete

Cyclonaire provides products for the cement and concrete industry that includes items such as Bag Dump Stations, Bin Vents and Dust Collectors, Pinch Valves and Rotary Airlocks. All of these components and more help your company with the cement handling solutions that you need.

Our innovative technology allows companies to process limestone, clinker or concrete while helping to cut costs while handling abrasive material.

Solutions for Cement & Concrete Applications


Our equipment is designed to move materials in a manner that is environmentally friendly and clean. For example, our equipment has been used during a dam construction project to allow for the reduction of noise complaints in local neighborhoods. Cement deliveries were restricted to certain hours on weekdays, and Cyclonaire ensured that the deliveries could be offloaded quickly enough to meet all project demands, while keeping the local area relatively free of traffic and noise pollution.

Food Processing

When it comes to food processing, it is extremely important that the ingredients being conveyed are not contaminated during the process. With Cyclonaire’s tightly manufactured systems, you can be sure that it will meet the strict guidelines for food processing. Some of the items we have designed systems for include:

  • Corn Flour
  • Corn Starch
  • Corn Meal
  • Peanuts
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Wheat Germ
  • Wheat Flour


When it comes to foundries, we specialize in pneumatically conveying sand to sandcasting operations. Cyclonaire works with automobile companies across the world to supply sand to equipment that creates engine block casts. Just think, the engine block in your vehicle may have been casted using our equipment.

Allowing for faster unloading from delivery vehicles and loading to storage areas, you can be sure that you will have the necessary materials to keep everything running at peak efficiency.


The Olivenhain Dam project in California was to be a roller-compacted concrete dam.  Commissioned by the San Diego Water Authority, this type of construction required constant pours of concrete and uninterrupted pouring to allow the concrete to bond its layers together.

Cyclonaire custom designed equipment for the trucks delivering material to the site and provided a way to quickly unload bulk materials.  Cyclonaire’s solutions allowed a large amount of materials to be unloaded quickly with no modifications to the vehicles themselves.

The result was a 29-minute turnaround time, which met all the demanding requirements of the project.


In certain types of manufacturing, it is important that raw materials be conveyed to their destination with as little contamination, or change, as possible. Traditional conveyors, such as bucket elevators are widely used, but cannot avoid exposing material to the atmospheric conditions, and may even cross contaminate different products. Furthermore, mechanical conveying methods can also cause excessive breakdown of materials or degradation.

At Cyclonaire, we apply World Class Manufacturing techniques that ensure our products are made of the highest quality materials and that they are uncompromised by contaminants or changes due to the environment.


Pneumatic systems manufactured by Cyclonaire are capable of conveying a number of materials, including various types of minerals. Regardless of whether the material is sub-micron 2″+, Cyclonaire can create a system that works for your needs. Some of the material that we have created systems for include:

  • Lime (Limestone of various grades)
  • Bauxite
  • Carbon Black
  • Diamond Ore
  • Graphite
  • Iron Oxide


Cyclonaire has experience moving materials that are used in the plastics manufacturing industry. Our versatile equipment allows the conveyance of primary materials used in the compounding of plastic into the products we use every day. These materials include virgin resin, regrind, minor ingredients or even the compounded pellets.

Reduced line velocities in Semi-Dense and Dense phase conveying can significantly lower the amount of or eliminate unwanted byproducts of traditional Dilute phase conveying, such as angel hair and streamers. Cyclonaire equipment will help you move it more effectively and efficiently.


Sanding equipment is invaluable to railroad applications, since sand provides trains with traction. Cyclonaire has the ability to provide a number of sanding equipment to ensure that trains have the supplies they need, even in rural areas. We can provide sanding equipment for light rail and trams, as well as larger equipment for full-sized trains.  Gravity-feed sanding towers can be constructed along with pneumatic delivery systems.  Our equipment can reduce handling weight for operators and provide automatic shutoff features to avoid overfilling.

Regardless of the application, Cyclonaire has the sanding equipment you need.

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Many of the top rubber companies in the world have employed Cyclonaire to find a solution that reduced batch loading times and increased efficiency, ultimately saving them resources.

Cyclonaire recently worked with a company in the rubber industry to create a custom system for unloading raw materials. Custom bulk bag unloaders were created, and used electric hoists, which eliminated the need for forklifts. Hoppers for the system provide enough material for a number of batches, which helps to avoid refilling delays.

With a Cyclonaire system, rubber companies can reduce the costs of raw material and manpower while lowering mixer loading and cycle times.


Raw material is transported through a range of vehicles. Whether it’s by truck, train, barge, etc., Cyclonaire has a solution for loading and unloading. Our pneumatic systems can be custom-made to move material to or from a vehicle. We have designed conveyors which can move material much faster than traditional conveyors, allowing faster turnaround times for vehicles, and higher volume processing of materials and vehicles.