At Cyclonaire, we have decades of experience successfully moving thousands of different powdered, granular, & pellet materials. We’ve done it all.

header-materialsWhether your material handling challenge requires the transfer of dense, semi-dense, or dilute product, our experts will provide the exact solution for you, while operating at maximum efficiency.

Our pneumatic conveying systems handle a multitude of dry bulk materials for countless industries—from manufacturing to transportation, energy to utilities, and much more in between. Whether you need to transfer material, bag it, unload it, or convey it over long distances, we have the exact process equipment to meet your specific needs.


Below is a partial list of materials we can convey:

Acetylene Black Isophthalic Acid (IPA)
Activated Carbon Kaolin Clay
Alumina (Powder, Tabular) Lead Oxide
Alumina Hydrate Lime (Dolomitic, Hydrated)
Alumina Oxide Limestone (Various Grades)
Alumina Trihydrate Magnesium Oxide
Aluminum Fluorhydrate Magnesium Silicate
Aluminum Fluoride Manganese Dioxide
Aluminum Silicate Manganese Oxide
Aluminum Trihydrate Molybdic Oxide
Antimony Oxide Oat Hulls
Arsenic Trioxide Oxides & Dioxides (Various)
Barite Paraformaldahyde
Barium Carbonate Peanuts
Bauxite Perlite (Ore & Expanded)
Bentonite Plaster of Paris
Bisphenolic Acid (BPA) Plastic Pellets
Calcium Carbonate Polyethylene (Powder, Granular)
Carbon (Powdered, Granular) Polypropylene
Carbon Black (Multiple Grades) Polystyrene (Extruded Beads)
Cement (Portland & Others) Polyvinylchloride (Various Grades)
Ceramic Dust Portland Cement
Charcoal Dust Potassium Nitrate
Cicalcium Phosphate Salts (Various Types)
Clays Sands (Various Grades)
Clinker Dust Sewage Sludge (Dried Pellets)
Coal (Anthracite, Bituminous Shale
Coke (Petroleum - Calcined) Silica (Fumed, Hydrous, Precipitated)
Copper Chloride Silicon Dioxide Slag (Furnace)
Corn Flour Soda Ash
Corn Meal Sodium Bicarbonate
Corn Starch Sodium Carbonate
Cryolite Sodium Erythorbate
Dextrose Sodium Fluoride
Diamond Ore Sodium Sulphate
Diatomaceous Earth Sodium Triphosphate
Dibutylotin Difluoride Soybeans (Hulls, Flakes)
Dolomite Starch (Corn, Potato)
Feldspar Sugar
Flour (Corn, Wheat) Talc
Fly Ash Terephthalic Acid (TPA)
Foundry Sand Titanium Dioxide
Glass (Ground) Wheat Flour
Graphite (Powder, Resin) Wheat Germ
Gypsum (Calcined, Powder) Zeolite
Hydroquinone Zinc Oxide
Iron Oxide Zircon Sand