Cyclonaire’s Bag Dump Station offers safe & simple handling of bagged materials in a dust free environment.

Bag Dump StationThe operator-friendly design includes bi-fold hinged door, heavy-duty bag support grate, and easy bag piercing. Self-contained fan and self-cleaning pulse jet style filter elements trap fugitive dust for recycling.

The unit has a large work platform, easy controls, and a working hopper that integrates easily into your material handling system.


  • About the Bag Dump Station
    • Compact, self contained unit consisting of fan, filter elements, start/stop controls and holding hopper
    • Integrates easily into conveying systems
    • Pulse jet filter cleaning to maintain media effectiveness
    • Front access to filter elements for easy changing
    • Standard:
      • Carbon steel (10 gauge)
      • Hinged cover
      • 18″x40″ work platform with safety grid
      • Integral dust suppression/collection
      • TEFC exhaust fan
      • Solid state timer board with NEMA 4 control box
    • Specify:
      • 304 or 316 Stainless Steel
      • Timer controls in NEMA 4x
      • 7/9 hopper aeration kit
      • Bag breaker
      • Bag compactor
  • Bag Dump Station Details


    • Clean and safe unloading of bagged materials


    • 6.3 cubic feet of standard hopper design

    Ideal Material Types:

    • Powdered, granular or pelletized bagged materials


    • 90-110 PSIG @ 3-5 SCFM air for reverse pulse filter cleaning
    • 110 VAC, 50-60 Hz
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