Cyclonaire’s custom-built blower packages are designed for semi-dense phase vacuum loading and pressure conveying.

These blower packages come standard with many important features that others offer as options – quality inlet filter, premium inlet and exhaust silencers, heavy duty outlet check valve, blower hose, and industrial strength channel iron frame.

Three configurations are available; standard belt drive, jackshaft drive or direct drive. Each blower package is engineered for your application’s elevation and temperature.


  • About the Blower Package
    • Intermediate pressure (8 and 15) PSIG convey air
    • Rigid channel iron frame designed to your application
    • Motor: TEFC, 3-phase, 60 Hz, 230/460 VAC If over 100 HP, 460 VAC only
    • Standard:
      • Inlet filter with filter service indicator
      • Inlet and exhaust silencers
      • Safety pressure relief valve
      • Outlet check valve, OSHA belt guard protector
      • Adjustable belt tension base
      • 10′ hot blower hose
    • Specify:
      • Noise reduction requirements
      • Diesel or gasoline engine power
      • Motor starters
  • Blower Package Details


    • Semi-Dense phase conveying or PD style railcar/truck unloading


    • To your specifications

    Ideal Material Types:

    • Intermediate pressure conveying equipment


    • 230/460 VAC, 50-60 Hz
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