C&C Dust Reclaim System

The automated C&C Dust Reclaim system preserves air quality and conserves valuable material by capturing dust from silo filling operations and automatically returning it directly to the source silo or another destination.

CNC Dust Reclaim SystemCyclonaire’s convenient, ground-level Pulse Jet Dust Collector is paired with a gravity-fed CycloLok® dense phase pneumatic conveyor for a total collect and convey system. The unit is equipped with on-board controls for automatic, unsupervised operation and no need to empty dust from the hopper. The system operates on plant air and runs only when needed. There is no separate blower and no wasted energy – further ensuring efficiency.

The versatile C&C system will work in cooperation with existing rail or truck unload operations, but can be customized for special applications. The system can be used to recycle dust from all kinds of dry solids, including foodstuffs, corrosive chemicals, and highly abrasive materials, such as cement, slag, or fly ash.

An exhaust fan draws particle-laden air from the silo into the dust collector – where reduced air velocity allows the trapped dust and particles to drop into the hopper. After finer particles are cleaned from the filter media and when the hopper is full, the CycloLok dense phase conveyor is automatically activated. Air entering the tank pushes captured particles through the convey system, returning them to the source silo or another destination. The entire process of cleaning bags and conveying reclaimed dust is controlled automatically by on-board programmable controls.

Requirements for the system, which is available in a welded and bolted 10-gauge carbon steel construction or optional stainless steel, are as follows: average air usage is 20-30 standard cubic feet per cycle, 110 volts for controls, and 230/460 volts for the exhaust fan. Cyclonaire dense phase systems are an efficient way to pneumatically transport dry materials using high-pressure air to transfer slow-moving, tightly packed slugs between 100 and 1,000 feet per minute. Options also include the DPV (vaccum) Series or DPG (gravity) Series, with a top or bottom discharge.

  • Pulse jet cleaning mechanism
  • Dense Phase CycloLok Conveyor
  • Hinged door for easy filter access
  • Synchronized pulse jet cleaning for peak performance
  • Standard:
    • 16 oz. polyester bags
    • 12-wire galvanized bag cages
    • PLC controls with audio/visual alarms
    • Dirty air plenum with 60° material hopper
    • High-level sensor in hopper
    • Welded and bolted 10-gauge carbon steel construction
    • 6-inch diameter tubing inlet stubs or attachment to silo vent tubing
  • Specify:
    • Stainless steel material contact construction
    • Controls for environments requiring NEMA 7/9 enclosures


  • Dense phase conveying
  • Air filtration and dust control at material destination


  • Conveying capacity up to 2+ TPH
  • Filter area up to 382 sq. feet
  • Pressure rated to 17

Ideal Material Types:

  • Any dry bulk material conveyed pneumatically


  • Average 20-30 cu. ft. air usage per convey cycle
  • 5-15 scfm clean, dry air for filter cleaning; 90-100 psig air supply
  • 110 vac, 60 Hz for controls; 230/460 vac, 60 Hz for exhaust fan


For conveying cement materials, go by the numbers.

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