Cyclolok Conveyor

For low-volume pneumatic conveying of abrasive materials, such as cement, slag, and fly ash, move product efficiently with CycloLok® dense phase conveyors.

CycloLokEconomical CycloLok conveyors are designed to handle highly abrasive and friable materials and to withstand harsh environments or high temperatures. Their robust, wear-resistant characteristics make them ideally suited as alternatives or replacements for conventional rotary airlocks, which may be prone to rotor and housing wear when used with highly abrasive materials. CycloLok conveyors also are used to reclaim material from dust collectors or precipitators.

With solid-state controls and only one moving part, CycloLok units feature automatic operation and are maintenance free. These gravity-loaded, bottom-discharging conveyors use minimal plaint air. Their simple, but effective, design is the key to their low cost, versatility, and durability. CycloLok conveyors are available in carbon or stainless steel.

Cyclonaire dense phase systems are an efficient way to pneumatically transport dry materials using high-pressure air to transfer slow-moving, tightly packed slugs between 100 and 1,000 feet per minute. Options also include the DPV (vaccum) Series or DPG (gravity) Series, with a top or bottom discharge.

  • Dense phase conveyor for low volume applications, which due to only one moving part, will withstand the harshest and inhospitable environments.
  • Top gravity load via single inlet/bottom discharge
  • Simple controls
  • Specify:
    • Carbon steel or stainless steel


  • Dust reclaim, low-volume transfer, harsh environments
  • Top gravity loading, bottom discharge
  • High material-to-air ratios and low convey line velocities


  • 2+ TPH

Ideal Material Types:

  • Any abrasive, friable or fragile material, including high temperatures (up to 450°F)


  • 120 VAC, 50-60 Hzm
  • 20-80 PSIG convey air; 80-100 PSIG


For conveying cement materials, go by the numbers.

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