Rotary Airlock Feeders

Rotary airlock feeders are sized for your applications and are available with custom rotor types to suit your applications and materials—powders, granules or smaller pellets.

Stainless Steel Rotary Airlock Side ViewRotors are oversized stock for a long performance. Shaft drives are heavy duty to minimize deflection. The inlet throat is optimized for excellent product feeding.

Airlocks are available in your choice of materials and other specifications, as detailed below.

  • Precise internal clearances
  • Rotors of “oversized” stock
  • Larger drive shaft diameters minimize deflection
  • Heavy-duty flanges resist distortion
  • Less operator supervision via automated controls
  • Flange sizes: 4″ to 24″ diameter or square
  • Rugged castings—thick, rigid walls for severe service and extended life
  • Efficiently designed inlet throat provides optimum flow
  • Properly engineered drive packages for reliability
  • Specify:
    • Carbon steel (standard), 304SS, 316SS or Ni-hard
    • Air purge seals
    • Beveled rotors
    • High-temperature design
    • Other alloys and special surface coatings are available


  • Dilute phase conveying and metering material


  • Determined by your material and application

Ideal Material Type:

  • Any free-flowing powders, granules or smaller pellets


  • 110 VAC, 50-60 Hz


For conveying cement materials, go by the numbers.

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