Dense Phase

Over 40 years of business in the pneumatic conveying industry has allowed Cyclonaire to serve nearly every industry around the world—thereby providing us with the experience to fully understand all conveying applications. Throughout the years, we have encountered a number of conveying systems that were not efficient or productive because the incorrect conveying phase had been installed. Our expertise allows us to ascertain the correct conveyance phase for your material in order to design a custom system that successfully meets your unique material handling requirements.

For low or high rate transfer of abrasive or friable material, dense phase conveying is the optimum solution. Dense phase pneumatic conveying is a low speed system where the material is not suspended in the air stream. This type of system is ideal for very fragile materials and mixtures as the low speed and lower air volumes prevent materials from breaking down.

Volatile substances are not dispersed in dense phase conveying and using an inert gas instead of air prevents oxidation of sensitive materials. In addition to keeping the integrity of the material intact, this low velocity system prevents excessive wear on the pipes and increases energy efficiency.

We offer models with vacuum or gravity load, featuring top or bottom discharge to match your application and materials. We can custom design a system that meets all your precise requirements.