Dust Collection

Managing air quality is extremely important in plants & facilities that use dry solids, granular, or particulate materials. Our high-efficiency dust collection systems are designed for thorough particulate removal at the source.

Cyclonaire offers a variety of dust collection products that provide excellent air filtration and dust control for dry bulk products conveyed pneumatically. Used to remove large, coarse particles, these products are the first step in the filtration process, where other products complete the filtration process for a safe work environment. Investing in a complete filtration process helps operations run smoothly without frequent maintenance or shutdowns.

We offer the most advanced filter media with cleaning processes that consistently maintain the unit’s peak performance. Our C&C Dust Reclaim System, Bin Vent Dust Collectors and Filter Receivers provide cost effective and efficient solutions to keep plants free of dust. Automatic operation enables units to reliably maintain air quality and conserve material being conveyed.

All of our dust collection units can be incorporated into any pneumatic conveying system. These bin vents and dust collectors provide excellent filtration at destination points such as bins, hoppers, and silos. We make installation easy by offering them with flanged inlet and material discharge. Automatic timers clean the filter media with pulse jet reverse flow air, dropping retained material back into the process. These are just a few of the features available. See our selection of units below, and if you don’t find what you need, contact our team.

Dust Collection Products


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