Cyclonaire brand bin vents and dust collectors provide excellent filtration at destination points such as bins, hoppers, and silos. Installation is quick and easy with flanged outlet for dust discharge.

Automatic timers clean the filter media with pulse jet reverse flow air; dropping retained material back into the process.

Wide array of sizes available; custom sizes and features are also available.

Features and Benefits
  • Pulse jet cleaning to maintain media effectiveness
  • Hinged door for easy bag access
  • Differential pressure gauges for filter service indication
  • Standard:
    • Carbon steel (10 gauge, welded)
    • NEMA 4 timer controls
    • 16 oz. polyester bags
    • Removable bottom
    • Smooth wire cages and safety grid
    • Support legs and hopper (dust collector only)
  • Specify:
    • Stainless steel
    • Timer controls in NEMA 4x, 7/9, 24V DC
    • Outlet size and style
    • Cartridge filter elements
    • Top removable design
    • Exhaust fan
    • High temperature design
    • Custom sizes and features