Cyclonaire’s quality built bulk bag unloading station is the most flexible and most customizable choice for your demanding needs and cost conscious budget.

Start with our basic heavy duty, carbon steel box tubing frame, custom built to handle any weight or size of bulk bags. Add custom features for your needs— electric hoist, bag tensioners, bag massaging paddles, load cells or glove box—plus more.

Get the economy of bulk bag supply with the safety, convenience, and affordability of Cyclonaire bulk bag unloaders.

Features and Benefits
  • Supports and seals any size or style bulk bag for discharge
  • Unload without bag slippage, material dusting or spillage
  • Safe, heavy-duty welded and bolted tubular steel frame
  • Standard:
    • Carbon steel
    • Welded and bolted tubular frame
  • Specify:
    • Stainless steel
    • Piercing blade
    • Electric hoist or manual lift
    • Load cell for weigh/batching
    • Support trays and/or bag tensioners
    • Iris valve or pinch bars to meter flow
    • Bag massagers to assist discharge
    • Dust tight glove box hopper or access hopper
    • Integral dust suppression/collection