2" Double Acting Poppet Valves

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The 2" Double Acting Poppet Valve is located below the dust separator. The valve is closed in the load mode, allowing the vacuum created by the Venturi to be drawn into the Cyclonaire vessel. The valve is open during the convey mode and allows for the vessel to be pressurized.
Flange Mounting
Port Opening - 2" in diameter
Actuators - pneumatic
Operational Pressure - low (15 PSIG)
Operating Temperature -20° to 300°F
Weight - 9 1/2 lbs.
2" Double Acting Poppet Valves
200-2-0038-50 - VALVE, 2" DA POPPET WITH SS INTERNALS $USD797.10
200-2-0863 - KIT 2 DA POPPET VALVE D.V. $USD125.60