4" Double Acting Poppet Valves

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4" DA-4 is located on the back of the manifold or on the main air inlet. The valve is used to bypass or dump air not required by the suction jet during a load mode and is usually in a closed mode. During material discharge, the valve is opened to assist material transfer in a convey mode.
Flange Mounting
Port Opening - 4" in diameter
Actuators - pneumatic
Operational Pressure - low (15 PSIG)
Operating Temperature -20° to 300°F
Weight - 25 lbs.
4" Double Acting Poppet Valves
24-2-0094-50 - VALVE 4 DA-4 PV ALUM W/SS SHA FT
24-2-0094-51 - VALVE, DA-4/6 POPPET
23-3-0299-00 - SPRING HOUSING DA-4 ALUM