3" Double Acting Poppet Valves

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3" DA-3 Poppet Valve is located on the back of the manifold or on the main air inlet. These valves are normally in the closed mode to bypass or dump air not required by the suction jet during a load mode. During material discharge, the valve is opened to assist transfer in the convey mode.
Flange Mounting
Port Opening - 3" in diameter
Actuators - pneumatic
Operational Pressure - low (15 PSIG)
Operating Temperature -20° to 300°F
Weight - 7 lbs.
3" Double Acting Poppet Valves
21-2-0145-01 - KIT 3 DA-3 POPPET VALVE REPAI R
23-2-0069-50 - VALVE, DA-3/3 POPPET