Suction Heads for C-Series

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Used primarily on the C-2 and C-3 Semi-Dense Phase Cyclonaire Conveyors. The suction head is located on top of the Cyclonaire vessel and is used as an inlet adapter between the conveyor and the vacuum hose.
Construction - Carbon or Stainless Steel
Connections - Flanged or grooved pipe
Suction Heads for C-Series
200-2-1069 - SUCTION HEAD 5 INLET 5 COUPLI NG CS $USD838.00
200-2-1069-01 - HEAD SUCTION WITH 5 MECH INLE T SS $USD1,676.00
23-2-0057-52 - ELBOW 5 SUCTION HEAD W/RETAIN ER CS $USD80.00
24-2-0027 - SUCTION HEAD 5 W/DOUBLE INLET CS $USD1,275.00