Control Panels

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BF-1 Controls are specifically designed to handle rugged environments found in most pneumatic conveying applications. The BF-1 consists of a single board control system with provisions to operate the Cyclonaire valving, blower, butterfly inlet, and a bypass valve, as well as Remote Convey and Remote Start/Stop.
NEMA 4 enclosure
120 VAC or 12 VDC
LED indicator lamps
On-board power supply
Lights and switches standard
Control Panels
904-02023A - BULB 130V 99F9517
904-02088A - FUSE 10 AMP GSA-10 .25"X1.25"
904-02126 - FUSE 5 AMP FNM-5 250V 27F 869 BUSS
904-02234 - BULB 12 VDC 12PSB5 SYLVANIA S COTT
904-02981 - POTENTIOMETER 350K AB