Railroad Sanding Equipment

Cyclonaire is a recognized leader in railroad sanding equipment and systems—and we are trusted by many of the top names in the railroad industry.

Quick Sander TrainOur top-quality systems are specially engineered, designed and manufactured to improve sand handling for safe and efficient operation.

For light-rail passenger trams, remote branch lines, in-yard service tracks, or high-speed mainlines, our equipment and system designs bring the industry’s best together to handle the most challenging problems.

We offer the latest in sanding technology systems that are ideal for all types of rail applications. With complete understanding of the importance of maintaining sand quality, Cyclonaire has made developing rail sanding systems a top priority.

From sanding towers to distributed sanding systems, we provide state-of-the-art equipment for any type of rail class. This type of equipment is increasingly more important in a world where passenger lines are gaining customers and rail is a consistent way to transport goods.

Smooth acceleration, initial motion adhesion and proper braking are dependent upon proper rail sanding. Greasy rail conditions from leaves, oil or rain reduce traction due to lignin conditions. The wet leaves form a paste on the rails, which then hardens, making it difficult to remove.

The buildup causes engine slips when a heavy train cannot gain traction. Dropping sand onto the rails aids in traction for the engine to move forward or stop effectively. The sanding process has evolved through the years, starting as maneuvering sand hoses from sanding towers to using gantry-type systems to eliminate the need to climb up on the locomotives.

Methods of dropping sand on the rails have included pressurized systems, tower sanding, crane sanding, and portable sanding silos. Learn more about rail sanding in our ebook, “The Significance of Railroad Sanding.”

Specific to our sanding offerings, get state-of-the-art features as standard and on a budget that works with your capabilities. Find out why Cyclonaire is the best choice for your railroad sanding needs in our resource, “6 Reasons to Replace a Sanding Tower with a Locomotive Sanding System from Cyclonaire.”

View more on each of our sanding systems and equipment below.

The Significance of Railroad Sanding Products Learn About Our Railroad Sanding Products

Mainliner™ Sanding System

Mainliner SystemCyclonaire’s Mainliner™ Sanding System is a high-performance system that delivers sand on-demand.

The Mainliner simultaneously services the fore and aft sandboxes of up to five locomotives on one track, and five locomotives on a parallel track.

A Cyclonaire DPG-B Dense Phase pneumatic conveyor delivers traction sand from the bulk silo to any of the sanding stations on the platform. Locomotives only need to stop once.

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QuickSander™ Systems

Quick Sander SystemOur QuickSander™ Systems are compact units with the ability to provide fast, clean, and convenient sand dispensing for light rail and commuter train operations.

This product’s compact design is sized specifically to match the space limitations of light rail depots. The slender QuickSander tower measures 18 inches in diameter to fit on depot platforms, but can feed up to four delivery wands and service trams on both sides of a platform simultaneously.

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SandMaster™ System

Sandmaster SystemThe SandMaster™ System is a self-contained, single-position sanding station that delivers traction sand directly to the locomotive sandbox. The equipment delivers sand through a single or optional dual sanding wand.

With two wands, the fore and aft boxes can be serviced without moving the unit. This product also contains automatic shutoff features to ensure filling accuracy and spill prevention.

For additional information on our SandMaster System, contact Cyclonaire today.

SandBagger System

Sand BaggerCyclonaire’s SandBagger system offers easy installation and is simple to relocate as operations change. It is ideally suited for low-volume sanding needs.

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The SandAide

SandAideOur SandAide product is a self-contained, self-propelled pneumatic sanding unit. The SandAide relieves yard congestion and shuffling power by delivering sand to your motive power.

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The Sand-A-Long

SandAlongThe Sand-A-Long is a self-sufficient and rugged trailer-mounted unit, with the ability to get you to that remote locomotive. All your sanding needs follow along.

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