Railroad Sanding

Cyclonaire is a recognized leader in railroad sanding equipment and systems—and we are trusted by the top names in the railroad industry. Our top-quality systems are specially engineered, designed and manufactured to improve sand handling for safe and efficient operation. For light-rail passenger trams, remote branch lines, in-yard service tracks, or high-speed mainlines, our equipment and system designs bring the industry’s best together to handle the most challenging problems.

We offer the latest in sanding technology systems that are ideal for all types of rail applications. With complete understanding of the importance of maintaining sand quality, Cyclonaire has made developing rail sanding systems a top priority. From sanding towers to distributed sanding systems, we provide state-of-the-art equipment for any type of rail class.

Our sanding equipment varies in range of application and purpose. Gravity Sanding Towers are cost effective and traditionally used for service tracks and smaller rail yards. To streamline traction sand handling, installing a Cyclonaire TrackSider® Sanding System is a cleaner and more efficient system that also creates a safer work environment.

Our TrackSider® system is easy to use, maintain and much more convenient than traditional sanding towers. Each TrackSider® system is designed to minimize spotting and filling problems that can slow locomotive servicing and create unsafe work conditions.

Cyclonaire’s Mainliner is a high-performance system that delivers sand on demand, while QuickSanders™ are compact units that are ideal for commuter and light rail trains. Our self-contained SandMaster™ stores and delivers sand directly to the locomotive sandbox through a self-contained compact unit. Pneumatically driven, it can be supplied with two wands to deliver sand to the fore and aft boxes at the same time without moving the locomotive. We also offer additional systems that are portable for bringing sand to where it is needed.

With our expert engineering services, Cyclonaire has the capabilities to design custom systems to meet the precise needs of any rail-service application. For more information on of our railroad sanding equipment and systems, download our new Railroad Sanding Guide

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