Semi-denseSemi-Dense Phase

With more than 40 years of experience, Cyclonaire understands the best way to move bulk materials and what is required to move them in the most effective and efficient manner.

A semi-dense phase conveying system is the optimum solution for medium rate transfer of aeratable abrasive or friable materials. As an intermediary step between phases, semi-dense conveying applies medium pressure blower air to move a variety of materials such as powder pellets or granules. These materials are able to be conveyed at medium velocity with a portion of the material suspended in the air stream. Offering less abrasive wear and particle degradation, exclusive Cyclonaire components work together for proper conveyance of materials.

Components making up semi-dense phase conveying systems offer proprietary vacuum load and top or side inlet orientation. Options include units that combine a blender with the conveyor for multiple sourced friable materials as well as variable capacity units.

With our wide range of products, we can custom design and engineer a system that is perfect for your precise applications and materials.