Engineered Systems


In order to meet the increasingly complex needs of our customers, we begin with a thorough analysis of the challenge, then use the conveying expertise of our company and our team to build the most effective solution to our customers’ needs.

Cyclonaire’s product offerings include three unique types of conveying systems—dilute, semi-dense, and dense—and an array of proprietary components and accessories that enhance and complete the performance of our systems.

Our engineered systems are the best available because of these innovative, state-of-the-art products, and because of the hard work of the teams who design and manufacture them to perfection.

Most of these engineered systems are custom-built for our customers and their specific requirements. We work closely with them to create the exact combination of Cyclonaire products and components that meets their unique needs and serve their specific industry and application. From start to finish, the system is designed for them.

Whether you need a fully customized engineered system, or quick access to a “prepackaged” product, you’ll find our systems will bring consistent, uncompromised quality every time. 

For more information, please contact Cyclonaire at 1-800-994-7278.