Materials Handled

Cyclonaire has successfully moved hundreds of different powdered, granular and pellet materials. Whether your challenge requires the transfer of dense, semi-dense or dilute product, we can provide a solution that operates with maximum efficiency.

Below is a list of many of the materials we handle, a number of which feature case studies detailing specific projects.

Acetylene BlackIsophthalic Acid (IPA)
Activated CarbonKaolin Clay
Alumina (Powder, Tabular)Lead Oxide
Alumina Hydrate

Lime (Dolomitic, Hydrated)

Alumina OxideLimestone (Various Grades)
Alumina TrihydrateMagnesium Oxide
Aluminum FluorhydrateMagnesium Silicate
Aluminum FluorideManganese Dioxide
Aluminum SilicateManganese Oxide
Aluminum TrihydrateMolybdic Oxide
Antimony OxideOat Hulls
Arsenic TrioxideOxides & Dioxides (Various)
Barium CarbonatePeanuts
BauxitePerlite (Ore & Expanded)
BentonitePlaster of Paris
Bisphenolic Acid (BPA)Plastic Pellets

Calcium Carbonate

Polyethylene (Powder, Granular)
Carbon (Powdered, Granular)Polypropylene

Carbon Black (Multiple Grades)

Polystyrene (Extruded Beads)

Cement (Portland & Others)

Polyvinylchloride (Various Grades)

Ceramic Dust

Portland Cement
Charcoal DustPotassium Nitrate
Cicalcium PhosphateSalts (Various Types)


Sands (Various Grades)
Clinker DustSewage Sludge (Dried Pellets)
Coal (Anthracite, BituminousShale
Coke (Petroleum - Calcined)

Silica (Fumed, Hydrous, Precipitated)

Copper ChlorideSilicon Dioxide Slag (Furnace)
Corn FlourSoda Ash
Corn MealSodium Bicarbonate
Corn StarchSodium Carbonate
CryoliteSodium Erythorbate

Sodium Fluoride

Diamond OreSodium Sulphate
Diatomaceous EarthSodium Triphosphate
Dibutylotin DifluorideSoybeans (Hulls, Flakes)
DolomiteStarch (Corn, Potato)
Flour (Corn, Wheat)Talc

Fly Ash

Terephthalic Acid (TPA)
Foundry SandTitanium Dioxide
Glass (Ground)Wheat Flour
Graphite (Powder, Resin)Wheat Germ

Gypsum (Calcined, Powder)

HydroquinoneZinc Oxide
Iron OxideZircon Sand