About Cyclonaire

At Cyclonaire, we combine top-quality equipment and system design integrity with exceptional personal service.

You can depend on getting the right equipment recommendation the first time, as well as comprehensive start-up and customer service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whether you need a basic solution for a simple system or a complete material handling system for a complex process, Cyclonaire will maximize your operation and meet your company’s exact needs.

Company History

  • 1960s: The original invention on which Cyclonaire was founded was developed and patented in the early 1960's by Roe Black of Aurora, Nebraska. Black's invention relied on a single 15 PSI blower combined with a Venturi to vacuum load and discharge a five cubic foot pressure tank into a convey line.
  • 1966: The manufacturing rights were sold to York Manufacturing Company. At that time, the “pneumatic transporter” was best known for the role it played in the construction of Interstate 80 through Central Nebraska. Much of the cement used in the construction was unloaded from railcars by Cyclonaire equipment.
  • 1973: Cyclonaire Corporation was founded, and the marketing and manufacturing rights for Cyclonaire were purchased. Since then, Cyclonaire has experienced steady growth.
  • Today: Emphasis has broadened from railcar unloading systems to include pneumatic transfer application of all types. We work with hundreds of different materials across the broadest spectrum of industrial applications. We continue to be a custom design/build pneumatic conveying systems supplier, and have become a recognized leader in material handling for process and transportation industries. Handling materials from adipic acid to zircon, Cyclonaire offers vacuum, pressure and vacuum/pressure based technology, conveyors, and allied components.

Our Mission

Cyclonaire Corporation will aggressively strive to enhance its position as a leader in technology and service in the markets we serve. We will focus our resources to build long-standing and meaningful relationships with our customers, employees, sales organizations and suppliers.