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Gummy Bears to Rocket Fuel

Our core competency and focus lie in the Cement, Mineral, Rubber, Rail Sanding, and Battery Industries. Over our 50 years of business however, we have conveyed just about everything, including gummy bears, rocket fuel, and fermented seaweed. We also have particular expertise for solutions such as rail unloading, regardless of what is in the railcar.

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We welcome all inquiries whenever they align with our areas of expertise, and particularly when they are brought to us by customers who align with our target demographic – anyone for whom Value Added matters.

Other Industries:

Our state-of-the-art technology demonstration and system proving facility, CycloTech, provides full scale testing of dry bulk materials in semi-dense, dense and dilute phases, in vacuum, pressure and combined vacuum-pressure modes. Contact us to test it.

Battery, Rail Sanding, Minerals, Rubber, Other

Air Injector

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Minerals, Cement, Other

Bag Dump Station

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Minerals, Cement, Rubber, Other

Bulk Bag Filler

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Rotary Airlock/Feeder

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