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Dilute Phase

Low Pressure. High Velocity

Dilute phase is a high-velocity system where the conveyed material is continuously suspended in the air as it is blown or sucked through the pipeline. Material does not accumulate at the bottom of the convey line at any point. To maintain this suspension, air velocity must be kept, most often, between 5,000 ft./min. and 8,000 ft./min.

Because in-house design and off-the-shelf equipment may not always provide the best answer, we offer custom engineering at competitive prices. We work closely with each customer to learn about specific requirements and restrictions and design a system that is custom made.

Dilute Phase is Ideal with:

When transferring dry bulk materials, pneumatic conveying is a method to be considered, and there are three main types—densesemi-dense, and dilute—and each is optimal for a separate material being conveyed. Industries using pneumatic conveying include energy and environmental, manufacturing, rail, and transportation. To choose the best method for your application, find more information in our ebook, “Identify the Correct Phase for Your Pneumatic Conveying System.

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