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Medium Pressure. Medium Velocity

As an intermediary step between dense and dilute phases, the semi-dense phase conveys materials using a medium velocity. Only a portion of materials is suspended in the air stream. Typically set between 1,500 ft./min. and 3,500 ft./min., the velocity ranks higher than dense phase and lower than dilute.

Offering less abrasive wear and particle degradation, exclusive Cyclonaire components can work together with a semi-dense system to ensure proper conveyance of all materials.

Semi-Dense Phase is Ideal with:

Pneumatic conveying is of the most common methods in transferring dry bulk materials. The three main types—dense, semi-dense, and dilute—each serve a different purpose for the most optimal method. Industries using pneumatic conveying include energy and environmental, manufacturing, rail, and transportation. Our ebook, “Identify the Correct Phase for Your Pneumatic Conveying System,” provides more information on choosing the best method for your application.

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