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Convey Methods

How Should You Convey it?

For dry bulk material transfer, pneumatic conveying is simply one of the most efficient, effective solutions. This method is widely used to convey a variety of materials for countless industries. Download our eBook to help Identify the Correct Phase for Your Pneumatic Conveying System or view Convey Infographic to assess the type of material.

In a pneumatic system, materials are transferred within a fully enclosed pipeline through the use of air. The airflow, created by pressure differential, provides the energy needed to move the materials through the pipeline. The air source changes the air pressure, creating either pressure or a vacuum system.

For those considering pneumatic conveying, one of the most common questions is which conveying phase is the best option for your material. To answer this question, you must first assess the type of material you will be using for your application.


The Three Phases

While there are many complexities and subcategories that fall under the umbrella of pneumatic conveying, the technology can be broken down into three categories: dense phase, semi-dense phase and dilute phase. Understanding each of these phases will help you determine the best choice for your specific application.