Our proprietary pneumatic conveying products feature innovative solutions that successfully address even the most challenging material handling operations.

A recognized leader in the material conveying industry, Cyclonaire’s proprietary pneumatic conveying products feature innovative solutions with the ability to consistently and successfully overcome the challenges of conveying bulk solid materials. With outstanding quality, durability, and functionality, our custom-built systems ensure safe, clean, efficient and reliable material handling operations.

In addition to our custom design and manufacturing capabilities, we also produce a full line of conveying components, parts and accessories and offer solutions for dense, semi-dense and dilute phase applications. Through more than 40 years of business, we have served virtually every market and industry around the world. We’ve done so by successfully designing and developing unique pneumatic conveying solutions for their specific application requirements.

Industries we are proud to serve include automation, energy, process, chemical, manufacturing, construction, and transportation. In automation, we offer a full line of hardware and software coinciding with our pneumatic conveying products. Our pneumatic components range from bag compactors to rotary airlock feeders, while our dust collection products include vents and filter receivers. For the rail industry, we lead the way with safe, efficient product solutions. Additional parts available are from categories such as automation and electrical parts, butterfly and pinch valves, and flow aids. If dense, semi-dense or dilute phase is for you, we provide plenty of superior conveying options, as well.

Here to serve you 24/7, contact us if a custom application arises, and we will be happy to work with your specific project. Otherwise, select from the categories below to learn more about the products we offer for your specific needs.