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Dense Phase

High Pressure. Low Velocity

Dense phase pneumatic conveying is a relatively low-speed system where the material is not suspended in the air stream. The low velocity of dense phase means less wear and tear on both the system and the materials being conveyed. The velocity is typically set between 400 ft./min. and 1,000 ft./min., though there are several forms of dense conveying.

Our pneumatic conveying experts can ascertain the correct conveyance phase for your material in order to design a custom system that successfully meets your unique material handling requirements. We offer models with vacuum or gravity load, featuring top or bottom discharge to match your application and materials.

Dense Phase is Ideal with:

With pneumatic conveying as a method in transferring dry bulk materials, it is important to know the three main types: dense, semi-dense, and dilute. Industries using pneumatic conveying include energy and environmental, manufacturing, rail, and transportation. To choose the best method for your application, find more information in our ebook, “Identify the Correct Phase for Your Pneumatic Conveying System.”

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