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For submittals of test samples please follow these instructions:

Submission Instruction:

  1. Download and fill out the test entry form HERE
  2. Call your Cyclonaire contact to discuss the specific requirements of your material and desired test
  3. Email your contact the SDS sheet for your product sample together with the Filled Lab Entry Form*
  4. Pack the corresponding sample using the guidelines of your selected carrier
  5. Mail the packed samples to:
    Cyclonaire Lab
    2922 North Division Ave.
    York, NE 68467
  6. Same day you mail your sample, provide the package delivery tracking to your Cyclonaire contact.
  7. After the test, the sample may be returned to sender billed at cost, or incur in disposal charges. **

* DISCLAIMER: For safety purposes, samples submitted without following these steps will be considered hazardous and returned to sender at their expense.

** SDS identified Hazardous materials do not qualify for landfill disposal. Cyclonaire can dispose of Non-hazardous materials at a landfill disposal for $150 up to a ton, and additional $150/ton.