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Collect and Convey Dust Reclaim System

Bin Vent / Dust Collector

Managing air quality is extremely important in plants and facilities that use dry solids, granular or particulate materials. With thorough particulate removal at the source, our Bin/Vent Dust Collectors provide cost effective and efficient solutions to keep plants free of dust. Engineered to remove large, coarse particles, Cyclonaire Bin Vent/Dust Collectors are the first step in the filtration process to contribute to a safer, cleaner work environment. Investing in a complete filtration process helps operations run smoothly without frequent maintenance or shutdowns, saving time and money. We offer the most advanced filter media with cleaning processes that consistently maintain the unit’s peak performance. Automatic timers clean the filter media with pulse jet reverse fl ow air, dropping retained material back into the process. These units can be incorporated into any pneumatic conveying system.