Cyclonaire’s innovative Turbo-Inductor systems offer faster unloading from hopper-bottom pneumatic trailers and railcars.

Turbo Inductor CyclonaireOur self-contained Turbo-Inductor works by stepping up to larger diameter convey lines and adding higher volumes of air to the conveyed bulk material—without any modifications to the delivery vehicles.

A complete Cyclonaire Turbo-Inductor System includes the Turbo-Inductor, a blower sized specifically for the application, connecting hoses, and an optional control system housed in a NEMA-4-rated enclosure.

In addition to higher product transfer rates, Turbo-Inductor Systems eliminate the need to use tractor-mounted blowers, thereby saving fuel and wear and tear on the delivery vehicles.

  • Speeds the unloading of pneumatic trailers and railcars.
  • Increases the conveyable distance between the pneumatic trailer or railcar and the storage silo or day bin.
  • Operator time is limited to making hose connections, reducing labor costs.
  • Blower capacity, air pressure in the lines, and dust collection are all balanced, increasing overall conveying efficiency and eliminating the risk of plugged lines or accidental dust discharge.
  • Utilizes an external blower thereby saving fuel and wear and tear on the delivery vehicles.
  • Comes as a self-contained system, mounted on a modular skid for mobility.


  • Unload bulk materials from hopper bottom, pneumatic trailers and hopper-bottom rail cars.


  • Custom built to accommodate your needs

Ideal Material Type:

  • Any free-flowing dry material that is delivered


  • 15 PSIG convey air
  • Adequately sized convey line and destination
  • Additional equipment available from Cyclonaire


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