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Aerated Material Storage Vessel

The Cyclobinâ„¢ is a gravity-loaded storage vessel that utilizes the principals of materials fluidization to achieve high discharge rates from a horizontal configuration. The Cyclobin has been sized specifically to be installed in a pit below a gravity hopper railcar, but it can be installed in a variety of applications where low-headroom storage of materials is required.


  • 200 ft3 capacity
  • Carbon-steel construction with heavy duty water-tight coating
  • 12-ft center-to-center inlet distance
  • Lifting lugs
  • Center discharge
  • Grooved-pipe supply-air and product discharge connections
  • Inspection hatches
  • Clean-out port.

Standard Options

  • Variety of available inlet assemblies
  • Custom sized outlets
  • End discharge
  • Custom capacities

Product Features