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Sand-On-Demand Efficiency

The high-performance QuickSander™ conveys sand under controlled pressure to rapidly service four or more locomotives simultaneously. Units feature automatic operation, abundant on-the platform sand storage for uninterrupted servicing, and a single or dual DPG-B Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveyor.

Each QuickSander™ sanding station consists of a supply hopper, which is appropriately sized to meet any instantaneous demands of an arriving consist, and vented to a Cyclonaire dust filter. Below the hopper, we mount a Cyclonaire DPG-B dense phase conveyor that delivers sand to four individually controlled hoses. The hoses are festooned on jib cranes and glide along the cranes on trolleys. So they are easy to move and carry despite their long reach. This configuration can simultaneously service two consists on adjacent tracks. Yardmen simply swivel the cranes, extend the hoses as needed, insert the sanding wand ends into the locomotive sand boxes, push a start button, and then carry on with other work. To avoid overfilling, a unique doppler shut-off system senses when sand boxes are full and shuts off the supply.

Product Features