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Turbo Inductor

Faster Unloading from Trailers and Railcars

Cyclonaire’s Turbo-Inductor Systems offer faster unloading from pneumatic trailers and railcars. These self-contained systems work by stepping up to larger diameter convey lines and adding higher volumes of air to the conveyed bulk material – without any modifications to the delivery vehicles.

A complete Cyclonaire Turbo-Inductor System includes a Turbo-Inductor, a 15 psig rated blower sized for the application, connecting hoses and optional NEMA 4 type controls enclosure.


  • Carbon Steel
  • Quick release hose to trailer connections
  • Grooved pipe connections to blower and larger convey line
  • Cyclonaire blue paint
  • Channel frame
  • Ceramic coated outlet manifold

Standard Options

  • 4″ and 5″ inlets from trailers
  • Outlets of 6″, 8″, 10″ diameter convey lines
  • ASA Flange connections
  • Grooved pipe connections
  • Hoses for trailer connections.

Custom Options

  • Valves to run with two (2) individual blowers (one on the tractor and one to the turbo)
  • Custom colors/coatings

Product Features