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Flow Aid Designed to Ensure Product Movement

The VibraPad is best suited for use in silos, bins and hoppers that are storing dry, bulk, powdered material. Examples of such material are cement, flyash, starch, barite and clay. These types of materials flow well, but generally need some form of aeration or vibration to get moving after settled in a bin or hopper for a period of time. Cyclonaire Corporation designed the VibraPad (combination of aeration and vibration) to eliminate material bridging, hang up and flow problems. View our .pdf Manual below.

Silcone Pad

  • 40 durometer (very pliable and soft)
  • 400° F high continuous temp. Rating
  • 482° F intermittent (and low temp. of -140° F)
  • Minimum of 5 PSI to operate-FDA permitted—Not Oil Resistant
  • Titanium dioxide for coloring the white pads
  • FDA-approved coloring practices” to maintain consistent construction
  • P/N 22-0-0301-01

Neoprene Pad

  • 60 durometer (less pliable and stiff)
  • 212° F continuous temp. rating
  • 250° F intermittent (and low temp. of -95° F)
  • Minimum of 7 PSI to operate-FDA permitted—Oil resistant
  • P/N 22-0-0301-02