Cyclonaire’s CycloLift provides fast, safe, positive seal of the conveying equipment to covered hopper bottom railcar outlets.

CycloliftThe pneumatic lifting boots allow the assembly to raise with the railcar hopper as it empties, maintaining the positive seal against the hopper. Railcar hopper outlet sizes vary, so adapter plates are custom-designed for each outlet configuration. Multiple adapter plates may be required for some applications.

Hose connections, control valves, boots and seals are included with the CycloLift, and the unit requires 90 to 100 PSIG of air pressure.

  • Industrial-grade welded and bolted carbon steel construction
  • Extremely heavy-duty flexible reinforced rubber material chute, bolted to lifting framework and material pan
  • Two-way adjustable inlet plate to allow perfect alignment without precisely spotting the railcar
  • Square, round, or rectangular custom-designed inlet to match your application
  • Removable hopper inlet adapter plate available in an extensive range of sizes
  • Adapter plate is fitted with a foam seal to match hopper opening, designed to minimize product leakage between the hopper outlet and the lifter assembly
  • Manually-operated pneumatic control valve for raising and lowering the connector
  • Totally collapsible prevents interference with moving railcars


  • Appropriate for use with a wide range of pneumatic or mechanical convey systems

Ideal Material Types:

  • Any material unloaded by hopper bottom railcar


  • Shallow installation pit
  • Clean, dry compressed air source


For conveying cement materials, go by the numbers.

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