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HC Series Conveyors

Boost Productivity and Efficiency

The HC Series conveyor is a high capacity, side inlet, vacuum loaded, semi-dense phase conveyor with a capacity to 80+ TPH. It is best suited for powdered materials that are abrasive or fluidizable. Medium pressure blower air is used to venturi-induced vacuum load and pressure convey air at intermediate line velocities and material-to-air ratios for less abrasive wear and particle degradation. Integral dust separation is included.


  • Carbon Steel
  • 24 VDC Instrumentation
  • High-Level Probe
  • Source Aeration
  • Butterfly Outlet Valve
  • Pressure Switch on Supply Air
  • Tank Pressure Gauge
  • Convey Line Pressure Gauge
  • Silicone VibraPads
  • Cyclonaire Blue Paint

Standard Options

  • 304 Stainless Steel Material Contact
  • Cyclonaire White Paint
  • Ceramic Lining on Manifold and Venturi
  • Pressure Transmitters
  • Numerous Inlet Valve Options
  • 2” Vacuum Wand
  • Neoprene VibraPads
  • Felt Media Pads
  • Steel Media Pads

Custom Options

  • Custom Colors/Coatings Available
  • 316/316L Stainless Steel Material Contact

Load Cycle

As the load cycle begins, the suction valve opens while the inlet and discharge flap vales are closed. The air pressure generates a vacuum by patented venturi action. As the vacuum increases in the transfer vessel, the inlet valve opens. Pulled by suction of up to 15″ inches of mercury, the material flows from the source into the transfer vessel. The electronic level control regulates filling of the transfer vessel to optimum levels during the load cycle.

Discharge Cycle

When the transfer vessel has been filled to high level, the inlet and suction valves close and the discharge valve opens. The same positive air supply which created the vacuum is used to push the material into the discharge manifold where it is fluidized for semi-dense conveying, minimizing particle degradation, reducing line wear and increasing system efficiency.

Side vents minimize or eliminate pit depth in low head room scenarios. No need for local filters. Standard features include: carbon steel; high-level probe; source aeration; butterfly outlet value; pressure switch on supply air. Portable up to 30 ft3. 15 PSIG convey air; 90-100 PSIG control air at 3-5 SCFM.

Product Features